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We are specialized in the production of CHOCOLATE MACHINES FROM 50 KG / H UP TO 1200 KG / H. Our products range include: Molding lines, for the production of chocolate in molds such as bars and pralines, plain chocolate or one-shot version, with the possibility of solid inclusions in the chocolate or in the filling. Tempering machines, for the so-called “tempering” thermal process of chocolate, which allows the right crystallization and increases its shelf life. Lines for the production of chocolate drops (large drops for coverture and small drops for pastry / bakery / ice cream). Cooling tunnels on belt or vertical. Lines for the production of hollow figures. Depositors, Tanks, Measuring and Dosing systems for chocolate.

Tecnochoc works in partnership with PACKINT CHOCOLATE MACHINES SRL, specialized in the production of cocoa processing machinery (from beans or ingredients). This partnership enables us to offer an all-round service in the chocolate machinery industry, both from a technical and product technology perspective. At Packint Chocolate Machines in Borgo Priolo (PV) we have a pilot plant available, where it is possible to see some of our machines in use and test products.


Via Statale 88/A, 14033 Castell'Alfero (AT) - ITALY



+39 0141 204508

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