The range of the tempering machines varies from the smaller one (200 kg./ hour output) up to 1200 kg./ hour output.

All of the tempering machines work with the tempering method i.e.: the chocolate is first cooled to create crystals, then slightly warmed to enable the crystallization be blocked at the preset temperature.

All machines are equipped with electronic controls managed by PLC and touch-screen man- machine communication interface. The cooling can be achieved by a gas-water heat exchanger and its relevant cooling unit, or by a water-water heat exchanger.

Type Production Dimensions Power
CRISTAL-T2 250Kg/h 940x840x2000h (mm) 6 (kW)
CRISTAL-T3 350Kg/h 940x840x2000h (mm) 7 (kW)
CRISTAL-T5 500Kg/h 1040x940x2000h (mm) 10 (kW)
CRISTAL-T8 800Kg/h 1040x940x2000h (mm) 11 (kW)
CRISTAL-T12 1200Kg/h 1600x1000x2000h (mm) 13 (kW)