• Ball mill: for the production of chocolate, creams, compound, hazelnut paste, etc. Its capacity is around 100 kg. with refined sugar and 90-100 minutes for the same quantity with granulated sugar (0.4-0.6 mm. approx.) obtaining a granulometry of 20-25 microns.
  • Spinning-vibrating equipments: for the production of hollow figures (Easter eggs, Christmas figures, etc.) for manual or automated lines. They are equipped with multiple axis vibration for the moulds rotation, all adjustable in order to obtain a chocolate spreading smooth and uniform into the mould cavities.
  • Tank storage: stocking and melting tanks for chocolate and creams with a capacity starting from 200 kg to 15.000 kg.
  • Heating tunnel suitable for heating the moulds and eliminate the humidity that is formed after their exit from the cooling tunnel.
  • Dosing machines for solid products such as: hazelnuts, grain, cereals, rice crispy, cherries, candies, biscuits, wafers, etc.
  • Pumps for chocolate and creams: gear, lobe, vane and heated equipped with motors.
  • Filters for chocolate and creams.
  • Enrobers and enrobing lines for chocolate and compound.
  • Belt conveyours.