• Traditional plants for production of hard articles, with cream, coupled products, etc.
  • ONE-SHOT technology plants
  • Plants for hollow articles
  • DROP plants

We supply moulding lines fully or semi automated from the small solution to the “standard” one; From a traditional solution with shell forming to the ONE-SHOT technology plant.
We can provide customized solutions, with horizontal and/or vertical cooling tunnels, depositors for solid products such obtain a wide range of end products such as:

  • Chocolate blocks for industrial use
  • Solid chocolate
  • Solid and filled tablets and bars
  • Chocolate with nuts
  • Pralines with or without filling
  • Booked articles such as boules and egg; articles such as Easter eggs, Kinder-like eggs and hollow figures.

The plants are designed for production in small, medium and large quantity, in order to ensure reliability and flexibility, to grant a continuous and steady productivity 24 hours a day.
Each plant is made by a dedicated software to control and manage the whole production process. Accessibility and safety are key conditions that are applied to all the moulding lines.
The modular structure allows the Customer to easily expand and equip the plant in phases later, providing it with adequate dosing and accessories to customer’s production requirements.
On each plant a modem is installed in order to provide assistance more complete and quick intervention in production phase (remote technical service).