Doseur volumétrique

Mod. DLE

It’s an electronicly controlled machine, that’s been conceived to dose either chocolate or creams in one or more points, through the employment of special aluminium plates, provided with canals according to the type of mould you use.


  • Control system managed by PLC and servo-driving gears.
  • Dedicated managing software;
  • Possibility to provide the machine with a double chamber cohibented tank with a shaker;
  • Possibility to work the chocolate in the tank by reading the level by means of a photoelectric cell, and
  • automatic call by the temperer;
  • Warmed plate-case;
  • Self-governing heating system;
  • Control pedal;
  • Iron face;
  • Interchangeable made to measure plates, for every type of mould;
  • Selection of operative language;
  • Unlimited number of productable recipes;
  • On each plant a modem is installed to provide assistance.