Ribbon dosing machines

Mod. DLE

This machine has been conceived for dosing chocola- te with solid ingredients such as: hazelnuts, rice crispy, almonds, grain, cereals, candied fruit.

It can dose the chocolate alone.

The machine is completely electronic and it can dose by moving or staticly, as a traditional depositor. The opera- tions for the dosing and temperatures regulation are easy by means of precision electronic instruments, managed by PLC.

Dosing is made by pistons, which grant high precision, and by plates with special knives, which are interchange- able according to the mould you use. It can be linked to a small automatic modelling line or it can be connected in completely automatic plants for medium or large produc- tions; it can be furnished also separately to be connected to other similar plants.

dosatrice a lingua

With the “Ribbon” Depositor mod. DLE you can realize:

  • Products with solid ingredients such as: whole hazelnuts, almonds, grain, cereals, rice crispy, candied fruit, etc.
  • Solid products

dosatrice a lingua


  • Control system managed by PLC and servo driving -gears;
  • Dedicated managing software;
  • Touch screen interface for a complete management and supervision of the machine;
  • All the most important actions are made by brushless engines and precision linear guides;
  • Double chamber cohibented tank with a special shaker to mix chocolate with solid ingredients;
  • Vibrating sieve to filter the chocolate;
  • Anodized aluminium made machine;
  • Possibility to work the chocolate in the tank by reading the level by means of a photoelectric cell, and automatic call by the temperer;
  • 35 mm diameter pistons and food packings, so that you can dose with high precision, easily disassemblable for the cleaning and separetaly excludable;
  • Pouring valve easily extractable for the cleaning;
  • Product-cut dispositive at the end of the pouring, applied to the pouring-plate;
  • Self-governing heating system;
  • Interchangeable made to measure plates, for every type of mould;
  • Selection of operative language;
  • Unlimited numper of productable recipes;
  • Modem connection on each plant to provide assistance.

Solid product feeder

Ribbon depositor has got a special feeder for solid ingredients, that is placed on the chocolate containment tank and is managed by the same PLC of the machine.

It’s got a hopper to load the solids which can be carried by a vibration of the dispositive and then can drop in the machine tank.

The flood and velocity of product feeding can be ruled so that you can get a batch work sequence according to the amount of chocolate in the depositor tank.